How to lose weight in a week: the reliable ways to quickly lose weight

Week – full real time limit in order to lose weight. Diet week can be beneficial to your body and can lead to and irreparable harm to the health of - it all depends on the eating disorders and the menu. Talking about how to lose weight in a week at home.

Diet week

Lose weight in a week at home is actually not so complicated. There are several simple and low-cost express diets that help to lose 2 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, and then all 10 kg, the final result depends on the individual features and to the organism and the initial weight, but the visible result exactly is. To completely remove the belly, thighs, and other superfluous bulge one diet does not work, need to connect to another sport, that the body found in the coveted form.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Sitting on a diet, we want to see results as soon as possible. As luck would have it, weight loss takes place gradually, and one run does not lead to instant results. We have compiled some tips, which will help bring the cherished dream of only a week.

Plan diet

What more thoroughly you plan your menu for the day (not the week ahead), the less likely it is to suddenly roll closest to the work rämpstoit. Try to take Sunday for the procurement of products for the week ahead and cooking healthy food. Part of them is totally possible to freeze, dividing into portions and spread over the boxes. Listen in the freezer. these useful of the workpiece in the evening, in the morning, you are able to take to work lunch ready.

Tomorrow's mandatory

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This depends on the mood, energy and appetite throughout the day. Whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, after waking up will help to avoid the emergence of a strong appetite for lunch. And by eating a small dessert in the morning, then just released him after work.

Useful snacks at hand

Food snacks helps to control hunger in the intervals between the main meals of the. If you know that today, because of an important meeting need to skip lunch, grab your work for a healthy snack. For example, it may be willing to house slices of fruit and vegetables. To do not putting a chocolate bar in hand, carry bag bars dried fruits. Pack dried fruit or not fried nuts kindalaekas car is very useful, if you firmly stuck in a traffic jam.

Drink plenty of water

The truth is that the so-called "beard", but its importance must not be forgotten. The required amount of water supports the body at the highest level, especially, if you drink wisely: the glass half an hour before meals helps you eat less, glass 45 minutes after a meal enhances metabolism. And here is the drinking time was to dissolve maomahl and only slows down digestion.

Less salt

Salt — sugar, and that it is clear, not get fat. But this includes the sodium causes fluid retention in the body and bloating. Excessive bears the name of "water weight". To get rid of it, reduce the salt intake. In pure form, replace it with lemon juice, adding it to, for example, in salads. Don't forget that the "white death" is part of the canned products, sauces, cheeses (with, the less they are fat percentage, the more salt). In restaurants ask the waiter, not salt dishes: you can do it yourself at the table or don't do at all. If the force of habit is stronger, the select options are reduced-sodium.

Lunch and dinner vegetables

Before you start the initial advice, eat a salad or a light soup, such as minestrone or beets (cream soups, though vegetables, are based on the cream and only seem to light). Thus, you fill the stomach of a useful fiber, which helps less eat pasta or postponed for at least one roll of the Burger. In addition, if you eat salad at the beginning, you will have less opportunities to "forget" the pro at the end.

Eat the house

Home drink to ensure complete control of the composition of the dishes. It also eliminates the worry about the hidden calories, which is a no-no, yes, and appear in even the healthiest restaurant meals.

Out of the white products

Apart from salt and sugar, it is white bread, potatoes, full-fat dairy products — the cornerstone of all the hungry weight (proteins, this list is not included). Opt out week is not so complicated. In the longer term, try to consume the white to a minimum, replacing the colored fruits and vegetables, whole grain, healthy proteins, and beneficial fats.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Diet week

If you do not have strict deadlines to weight loss because the results are better not to chase: to lose 5 kg and more, choose diet 2 weeks. The more you have excessive weight, the more long-term diet must be adhered to. Diet 4 weeks, 7 within a week will not only help to lose weight not detrimental to health, but gives long term result. Under extreme conditions weight the body to achieve weight quickly and lose it. At times, rough week on the diet at all does not bring the expected result, because the organism starts to make stocks, warning of a sharp on an empty stomach. Diet is 7 weeks to restore the digestive system to work, helps to restore metabolism, and just develop you have the habit to eat otherwise.

7 weeks and even 4 weeks is very difficult to adhere to a tough diet. Along with it accustomed to have possible breakdowns, cramps binge eating, which amid general starvation cause significant damage. It is therefore diet for 3 weeks and more put an emphasis on not reducing the volumes of food and strict mode power supply, has portions (best to eat often and in small quantities), on the right the distribution of energetically rich food during the day (in the morning – complex carbs in the evening – proteins).