How to lose weight in the waist and belly for LONG?

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Waist, hips, abdomen – it is always the most problematic areas is every woman for. Perhaps you, like thousands of others, you train without rest, but your stomach still is far from ideal, and cubes of journalism is so and not see it?

Reveal to you small secret: you do not achieve anything without a proper diet! The fight shapes the dreams started just in the kitchen. This is a rule that you have to remember once and forever, you have the workout gives the desired result.

Nutrition is one of the voice said that when losing weight 70% – this is a healthy diet. Just, therefore, that physical activity remains to be only 30%, pick effective exercises weight stomach and on the sides is very important.

Today we finally find out how to get rid of fat and which exercises to pills it is worth to do to finally see the desired result!


  • The preparation of the plan
  • Diet pills the waist and stomach
  • How to get rid of belly fat to use?
  • Conclusions

The preparation of the plan

The first important thing which you must not forget the process of finding a shape fill – it is a holistic approach! Has long been proven to be unrealistic to lose weight spot remove belly fat, lift the ears or make the foot more shapely – if the body is losing weight, he is losing weight everywhere!

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On the other hand, surely, every man is your "rogue zone", its vulnerabilities, where the fat is deposited more than the rest, and it is these regions is need to pay special attention to!

Thus, it is the main answer to the question: "How to lose weight quickly?" is the following: set a goal and go! A well thought out plan will help you better understand the list of necessary measures, which will undoubtedly lead you to the desired result.

If your weak spot is the belly area, then your sense surely must have the following points:

  • Regular exercises weight stomach in a short workout. You are sure to find 15 minutes a day exercises that focus on fat burning and building lean muscle mass in the abdominal area.
  • Sport four times a week (strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays). Exercises use the muscles of the lower and upper abdomen to strengthen the muscles of the press.
  • Other days place a bet on aerobic exercise, which burns fat. The easiest way to – fast walking or running. Cardio workout must make up at least 30-40 minutes of your time – just such a range starts with the fat burning.
  • Workout should be combined with a diet mainly based on vegetables, fruits and herbs. Don't forget water to drink.

Diet pills the waist and stomach

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How to lose weight in the waist and belly? First of all, you do not need to starve or to pace yourself strict diets to have a flat belly. On the contrary, to throw the weight, you need to eat sufficiently and balanced and often that the body does not feel stress and not garnered calories "later".

To lose weight waist is enough to add eating foods rich in antioxidants, which can help you speed up the metabolism and improve the metabolism, which in turn will lead you to gradually reduce and normalize body weight:

Green vegetables

Eat the greens! Due to this, then the organism more processed food fiber, which will give you satiety for a long time. Special attention should be given to vegetables such as broccoli, green beans or cabbage.

Whole grain bread

Choose the bread sprouted grains, or at least out of the wholegrain flour.

Traditional bread quickly raise blood sugar levels. As a result, the body produces cortisol and adrenaline, which are intended for the situation to stabilize the body. It promotes excess fat accumulation.

Therefore, the best give up the normal bread white wheat flour (contains a lot of gluten-free), and replace it with wholegrain pastries, which does not produce so quickly increase blood sugar levels.

Healthy fats

You must introduce healthy fats to your diet. Olive oil, avocado, linseed oil and nuts must constantly appear at your diet.

Dietoloog argue that vegetable fats can help reduce the appetite and speeds up the metabolism and thus reduce weight. Alcohol consumption is the right fat – a reasonable strategy.


Instead, the fatty piece of pork or beef select fish. This protein is of good quality, which contains omega-3 fatty acids polyunsaturated fats that affect the metabolic rate.

Oil, contains fish, is the fuel for metabolism. Therefore, enter your daily diet of salmon, tuna, sardines, salmon or mackerel.


Studies show that leucine is the one amino acids, which includes eggs, can help you lose weight, stabilizing blood sugar levels. In addition, eggs are rich in protein, calcium, folic acid and omega-3.


They contain a lot of vitamin C and helps fight fluid retention in the body. Therefore, try to drink warm water with lemon – the ideal immediately after sleep. If you don't like water with lemon, add a bit of honey.

How to get rid of belly fat to use?

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The folds on the belly, and the distinctive teeth on the sides – this is not a judgment. Your problem – it is just excess fat of the body at the top. The majority of women around the world are struggling with this problem, which mainly affects the excellent half of humanity after 35 years.

Regular exercises can help to speed up the fat burning process, strengthen the muscles and improve the skin condition.

You need to choose such a training scheme, which is actively put to use the muscles of the abdomen, and, at the same time, a possible increase in heart rate up to a level that allows you to burn fat quickly.

You will notice the first results of their work after two weeks of regular training. However, it is important to deal at least 3 times a week and stick to proper nutrition. Low-calorie is to increase your metabolism and increase effect on weight loss.

We offer three exercises for losing weight in waist:

Exercise is the elbow – knee

Stand up straight. Right foot, bent the knees to lift diagonally to the height of the chest. Turning your body, tap your left elbow to right knee. Replace the position, alternately to the right knee/left elbow and left knee/ right elbow. Not sure to keep your back straight and abdominal muscles – strained throughout the exercises to stabilise the housing body.

Exercise for the knees up

Do running in place, raising knees as high as possible. Keep your hands bent is knees and relaxed. Continue the exercise for 30 seconds. The first 15 seconds, do the exercise at a moderate pace and accelerate in the second half of the approach.

Exercise climbing

Rise up the bar on straight arms (lean hands and toes, keep your back straight, do not caving in on lower back pain). Lift the hips is a little bigger and start to pull then one, once the second knee at the chest. Work quickly, as you really are climbing from. During exercise, remember the erect of the. Make sure that you do not raise the hips too high.


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As you can see, get rid of the fat on your waist and belly is possible and this should not necessarily in themselves to starvation to!

Diet pills the waist and stomach must be particularly balanced and nutritious that the body did not recognize the feeling of hunger and does not depart the crown with you "future" in the form of the skin and the subcutaneous fat.

It is sufficient to allocate 15 minutes a day the simple exercises, which do not require special equipment or machines to bring the tone of the muscles of the press and burn the nasty folds on the belly.

Remember that the most important thing in any case – it is the system and daily work. Only in this case, you will be able to achieve the desired goal and in return your efforts to get the shape of your dreams.

Go to your goals despite the difficulties and the circumstances, now you have all the knowledge to win the fight in the beautiful and slender body!