Yoga classes for weight loss. How yoga fights obesity

You have made the decision to get your body in shape without any health damage. And if you want to do it with great pleasure, yoga classes for weight loss will be a good option for you.

A set of exercises as well as a special life philosophy called yoga not only helps to make your body slimmer, more flexible and mobile, but also change your attitude towards life, emotional and psychological state in a stressful situation.

Because of such multifaceted effects, many people prefer yoga as one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

How does yoga combat obesity?

Yoga for weight loss has distinctive features from yoga to keep the body in shape or yoga for psychological relaxation and relaxation. Such classes include the following key factors:

  • There is a significant acceleration of metabolism in the body, which improves metabolism, and fat cells are not stored in reserves, but burn several times faster and start the process of losing weight. The increase in metabolism is due to a special set of exercises called shatkarma. Their main task is to cleanse and ensure the supply of the maximum possible amount of oxygen to the cells in the human body. Once you understand the basic principle of proper breathing in the yoga class for weight loss, you can feel a sense of lightness. Then get used to proper breathing every day.
  • There is a complete revision of diet and eating habits - a person acquires useful skills in eating exceptionally healthy products in small portions, often at the same time, leading to rapid weight loss.
  • Yoga classes for weight loss provide the necessary physical activity for the whole body at the same time, do not lead to overload or exhaustion. It is important to understand that it is impossible to completely exclude physical activity, as the most efficient burning of extra calories happens precisely because of physical exercise. In addition, certain muscle groups are pumped thanks to yoga for weight loss, the body is inflated and elastic. Thanks to sustained training, after a period of time, you will not only notice a decrease in the number of extra pounds, but also the number of centimeters in the problem areas of the figure you need.
Yoga for weight loss gives you the right physical activity

It makes sense to note that some muscle groups are very difficult to be affected by physical activity, so it is sometimes difficult to achieve weight loss in problem areas. These muscles include the inner thighs or gluteus muscles.

A properly chosen set of exercises during yoga helps to distribute the load correctly throughout the body and focus on precisely the problem areas where weight loss is most needed.

Yoga Essentials for Weight Loss

All those who decide to lose weight in yoga classes should be prepared that the weight does not disappear too fast, but the result obtained is maintained for a long time. The not clearly pronounced effect of exercise is the reason for the simultaneous formation of the body's muscle mass with weight loss, when toned and pumped muscles replace the fat layer. Therefore, it is better to notice changes in the figure with clothes and centimeters while measuring the waist, hips and chest during yoga classes for weight loss and on the way to the goal. Weight loss on a scale may be delayed.

Professional yoga specialists who can help you select an individual set of exercises for weight loss, if you wish, can replace most of the strength exercises with stretching so that muscle growth can be significantly reduced. It will be replaced by grace, flexibility, femininity, shared mobility and the general feeling of lightness that accompanies any weight loss.

If, in addition to developing flexibility and weight loss, you have a desire to achieve muscle definition, more emphasis should be placed on training on strength exercises. At the same time, one should not forget that yoga classes are always held at a slow pace that harmoniously combines periods of rest and activity. This is characterized by such training - despite the general fatigue you will feel a surge of strength and energy after the session.

When it comes to eating well, most people do not have to put extra weight on losing weight. It is surprising that the desire to eat junk food disappears by itself and the awareness of the need for proper nutrition for weight loss comes by itself.

development of flexibility and weight loss

How to do yoga? Yoga classes for weight loss

Researchers have concluded that regular yoga for weight loss not only provides temporary results but also reduces stomach volume, which in turn leads to a decrease in the amount of food consumed and consolidation of the correct nutritional culture for a long time. In addition, stress is present in every person's life to varying degrees.

The vast majority of people struggle with their manifestation by constantly eating food, even if the feeling of hunger does not occur. For such people, consumption of starchy foods, sweets are simply essential and such habits lead to weight gain. It is in this case that yoga for weight loss is the best option as it is not only a complex of physical exercises but also psychological relief due to which the effect of stress on the human body is minimized.

Teaching facilities:

  • Do not practice yoga on uneven, rough, stinging or other uncomfortable surfaces. This is best done on a smooth surface - the floor. In the cold season you can use special rugs or improvised means - soft rugs, bedding and rugs.
  • Weight loss classes should be taken on an empty stomach. Overeating contributes to drowsiness, muscle relaxation and decreased concentration.
  • A minor illness, provided you are feeling well, is not a reason to skip a workout. If there are more serious health problems - temporary or in chronic form, classes should only be resumed after consultation with a doctor.
  • Pregnancy is not a contraindication to yoga, but in this case a special set of exercises must be used, taking into account the woman's condition and the duration of the pregnancy. You can use ready-made complexes, or if you have special wishes regarding the level of load, contact a professional trainer to prepare a special program.
  • During breastfeeding, weight loss yoga classes are also not contraindicated. They do not affect the amount of milk, have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and help restore physical shape after birth and lose weight. However, with regard to the question of when it is possible to start classes and how long it will take after the birth of the child, it is a purely individual question that depends on how the birth went (by natural means or by caesarean section), whetherthere were complications and other factors. When solving this problem, you should definitely seek the advice of a gynecologist or obstetrician who gave birth to the baby.

Which yoga exercises are suitable for weight loss?

level of physical activity, accompanies each workout

For those people for whom yoga has become a hobby and lifestyle, as well as a means of fighting extra pounds, it must be remembered that its main purpose is to keep the body and health in good shape.

At the same time, the level of physical activity that accompanies each workout helps get rid of excess body fat, and regular exercise helps maintain a constant weight level and prevents sudden jumps, which in turn leads to sagging skin, an unattractive appearance and general deterioration. of human health.

For weight loss yoga classes to be most effective, you need to build their system as follows:

  1. Do not look for an excuse to skip workouts and do not skip workouts during workouts. It is through persistent efforts that you can achieve your goals. At the same time, hard training will quickly lead to the intended result and weight loss. However, due to age characteristics, medical contraindications and other factors, an individual weight loss program should be chosen which, as practice shows, becomes much more effective compared to universal exercise complexes.
  2. If you feel pain in any part of the body after yoga for weight loss, be sure to inform the trainer about this or even consult a doctor. The reason for this may be a latent illness that may become a contraindication to exercises of this kind or increased physical activity in general or incorrect performance of any of the suggested exercises. Dyspnoea is the only sensation that can be present after active weight loss training or stretching exercises. You can get rid of it by taking a hot bath. In addition, some people find these feelings pleasant and indicative that the training is going well and that you are on the right path to your goal.

The main yoga postures and their meanings in the process of losing weight:

  • torsion bags are not difficult to perform, but they have a very beneficial effect on the intestines. Improving his permeability, in turn, has the most beneficial effect on metabolism and the fight against extra pounds;
  • standing pose - helps improve coordination and balance. Thanks to their use, the muscles of the back and abdomen as well as the spine are strengthened, which contributes to weight loss;
  • inverted postures - affects the general condition of the thyroid gland as well as the back muscles. However, their action must necessarily be reduced or balanced with softer positions relative to the spinal muscles;
  • inclinations in various variations are essential components in good stretch;
  • Relaxing postures, including meditation, help reduce tension in all muscle groups and surprisingly have the best effect on the process of losing weight. It is recommended to use such positions not only in training several times a week, but also every day at home, which not only helps to soothe the emotions that have accumulated in you during the day, but also gently relax the muscles and give themthe required minimal tone.

What to look for when doing yoga

If you do not have professional experience, yoga classes for weight loss will not be too effective for you, because studying yoga theory usually does not lead to an understanding of its basic principles that can be learned in individual or group sessions with a trainer.

If you have such experience, you can continue to train alone at home, taking into account all the previously received recommendations. It must be remembered that yoga is not only a set of physical exercises, but a special way and a set of factors that have a positive effect on the result in terms of weight loss. Therefore, while doing so yourself, you must comply with certain conditions:

  • Comfortable temperature, well-ventilated room;
  • Comfortable clothing that should not be too tight on your figure;
  • Absence of foreign odors, especially food, which is very often present in a home environment. They can make you focus on your own inner world;
  • Lack of extraneous noise - TV, telephone, running children and other important features of the home environment do not give you a sense of peace and the training will not be in full force, which will affect the achievement of the result and the set goals;
  • You need to make sure that you perform all the exercises correctly, otherwise you will not only be able to achieve your goal of losing weight, but also risk damaging your health. It is advised that all the basic yoga asanas are mastered and your trainer has confirmed the quality of their implementation. And do not think that if there is no one at home who sees you and does not force you to exercise, then you can work with half strength - it depends on the effort you put in, how fast you can lose weight and maintain itachieved result for a long time.

Yoga is not only a temporary exercise but also a lifestyle as well as a healthy habit that is very difficult to get rid of. So that's all! We recommend that you also read the article on how to lose weight without dieting. See you soon in new issues.