How to lose weight fast at home. 8 weight loss diets

how to lose weight at home

Often there is a need to quickly bring a character back to normal. There are many ways, all kinds of techniques and special programs. Given their relevance and fashion for a slim body, there are many different abuses and outright scams here. Since how to lose 5 kg a week and remove the stomach, is there an effective way that does not harm your health? Let's find out. Why do you need to lose weight? Looking at their mirror projections, many are dissatisfied. So I want to correct the blurred figure. Now, delicious healthy meals are being replaced with exhausting diets and exhausting sports loads. And the result is not always pleasant. And if you need to lose weight on a tight schedule?

Is this possible? Or is it a myth spread by dishonest business people? No, you can achieve the desired effect. How to do this will be described below.

Lack of excess adipose tissue is primarily health. Many diseases are provoked or aggravated by obesity.

Wherever you look - overweight people have some drawbacks:

  • Psychological discomfort, development of complexes.
  • Difficulty finding shoes and clothes.
  • Hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating.
  • Significant stress on legs and spine.
  • The risk of developing cardiovascular disease, increased likelihood of heart attack, stroke, hypertension.
  • Diabetes trend.
  • Fertility disorders in both men and women.

And this is not a complete list.

How to lose 5 kg in a week and remove the stomach

To lose a little weight in a few days, you need to adhere to some principles.

  1. The basis for losing weight is a fractional approach. Eat in small portions. There should be at least five main meals. In this case, it is better to avoid snacks except fruit and berry snacks.
  2. You can not starve yourself. So the body literally stores every molecule in reserve.
  3. Harmful products: sweets, confectionery and bakery products, fatty foods, fried and salted foods. There is no need to completely abandon them. But minimizing them in the diet is a must. At the same time, you can not use these products before bedtime, it is best to treat yourself to them in the morning.
  4. Forget no-no after 6 p. m. 18. 00 rule. The time of the last visit to the kitchen depends on the time of going to bed. The last meal must be completed 3 hours before. But then you can, for example, drink kefir or juice.
  5. Beverages are always important, but especially when losing weight. You need to drink plenty of water and healthy unsweetened beverages. Normen pr. Day is calculated based on the current body weight, which must be 20 ml per. Kg. So with 120 kg live weight you should drink approx. 2, 5 liters of fluid every day.
  6. Diet choices should take into account possible food allergies and personal taste preferences. Forcing yourself to regularly eat something that is even disgusting to look at is not an option. This creates a stressful environment which is the first enemy of weight loss.
  7. Find engaging activities to prevent hunger from bothering you. Or use low-calorie snacks.

How to lose weight fast at home

effective ways to lose weight at home

The right posture and constant stimulation are very important for fast weight loss. Incentives must be chosen individually - a delayed trip, favorite dress, etc. Within a week you can easily lose 3-5 or even more kg.

However, this should only be used as a one-time express method. If you become very emaciated, this can only affect the general condition and often provokes an exacerbation of chronic disorders.

Basic rules for fast weight loss

  1. Choose the smallest plates available in the house or replace them with saucers. This will have a psychological effect because you are still eating a full plate, even though the portion will be 2-3 times smaller. The color of the dishes also matters. It should not be stimulating or associated with food. Here the shadow is selected individually. Psychologists recommend white and neutral gentle tones - blue, greenish, pink.
  2. You can not take food on the go, in front of a computer screen or while viewing messages on your phone. The atmosphere must be calm and measured. Focus on the process, enjoy the taste. So saturation comes faster. You should also not eat while standing or lying down.
  3. Avoid alcoholic cocktails altogether. They stimulate the appetite.
  4. It is recommended to plan events and record any changes. It is useful to keep records. You can make a kind of diary where it does not hurt to attach pictures of people with graceful shapes and your own corrected photo - the goal of your efforts.
  5. Increase physical activity. You can go to work if distances allow, forget about elevators, introduce night training.
  6. It is imperative to comply with healthy food requirements.

Healthy Eating Requirements

  • Emphasis is placed on fruit and vegetable components, preferably fresh, but cooking, stewing, steaming, lightly frying with a minimal amount of vegetable oil are also allowed.
  • Cross out completely light carbohydrates (sugar, confectionery).
  • Use a combination of all nutrients, even fats and carbohydrates, but in small amounts the basis of diet is proteins, minerals, fiber.
  • It is imperative to add healthy grains to the menu - buckwheat, oatmeal, bulgur, pearl barley, they are eaten without the addition of butter, milk, sugar and a lot of salt.
  • Do not overeat and drink a lot.
  • It must be remembered that saturation must be driven by energy costs.

Useful Products

The list of foods you can eat for weight loss is below:

diet rules for losing weight at home
  • Diet meat (turkey, chicken, rabbit, veal).
  • Lean fish.
  • Boiled or steamed eggs.
  • Low-fat dairy products - yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, milk, sour cream.
  • Vegetables, berries, fruits, including in the form of fresh juice.
  • Klidbrød.
  • Whole grains.
  • Dried fruits (raisins, figs, dried apricots, apricots, prunes, dried apples) and nuts - dosed.
  • Seeds - sesame, flax, pumpkin, sunflower.
  • Any vegetable oils.
  • Beverages - tea, medicinal tea, weak coffee, fruit drinks, unsweetened compote, jelly, fresh juice, mineral water.

Sports Activities

For weight loss you can run or sign up for the pool. An excellent opportunity to increase physical activity would also be fitness classes, dancing, figure skating, games sports. But it is not necessary at all.

It will be enough to adhere to individually selected exercises to correct problem areas. They can be used daily for 15-20 minutes or 3-4 times a week for up to an hour.

To remove the abdomen, use your abdominal muscles. Exercises in a supine position (lifting the upper body, training "bike" and "birch", raising and spreading the legs) will be effective.

Rotation of the hula hoop also has a positive effect. This is a very simple and effective way to tighten your stomach quickly.

Warm up your muscles before starting a workout. You can do a light abdominal massage or turn a brace. When doing ab exercises, pay attention to the number of repetitions.

The muscles must have the required load. Therefore, the last few times are performed with effort through "I can not. " The number of elevators is therefore selected individually and constantly increased.

Do not lift the body completely. It's probably just raising 45 degrees above the floor.

Folk medicine for weight loss

Since drinking plenty of fluids is an important part of losing weight, traditional medicine recommends all kinds of juices. Different juices will be useful.

home medicine for weight loss

However, it should be noted that freshly made beetroot juice should not be ingested. It should stand for several hours and drink it, preferably mixed with carrot press.

As a rule, people mostly drink fruit and berry juice and forget about the benefits of other healthy drinks. For example, cucumber and celery juice taste good and are rich in essential nutrients. Also, do not forget about the benefits of natural birch sap. You just have to drink it fresh.

Various gels are also useful. They can be prepared not only from fruit. Oatmeal jelly helps to lose weight. It can be made from flakes with dried fruits and healthy seeds.

Diuretic decoctions should also not be ignored. They help get rid of edema and excess salt. Plants such as milk thistle, sage, chicory, hemisphere, birch, horsetail, stinging nettle, St. John's wort, coltsfoot have a diuretic effect.

Some laxative effects can be achieved with hay and anise. But alfalfa, dandelion, turmeric are known as fat burners. Plants such as dill, parsley, stinging nettle in the form of decoction reduce appetite somewhat.

Daily use during hellebore week (100 g per glass of water) helps get rid of intestinal parasites. And marjoram broth improves the digestive process by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.

Can be widely used as a means of losing weight honey. You can make a honey drink by mixing honey with water (one large spoon per 100 ml). They drink it 2-3 times a day to activate metabolic processes. Various additives can be added to the drink - cinnamon, grated ginger, lemon juice.

Weight Loss Treatment

  1. Massage is useful to increase blood circulation and break down cellulite formations. This procedure also helps to avoid the formation of skin folds with a heavy weight loss. You can even massage and dwell on problem areas. Use of various massagers is allowed.
  2. Contrast showers also stimulate blood flow. Light self-massage can be performed with an elastic jet.
  3. Wraps help get rid of subcutaneous fat deposits. Here you can use various means: sea salt, coffee, algae, clay, essential extracts. They are applied during the film and kept on the body for an hour.
  4. Purifying enemas in reasonable amounts is beneficial. They allow you to get rid of parasites, fecal conglomerates, toxins. Three procedures are enough per week. A weak saline solution is required - 2 tsp. pr. liters of water.

Efficient and simple weight loss diet

diet for weight loss at home

If you do not know how to lose weight fast at home and what to eat to lose weight, I suggest you familiarize yourself with diets.

1. Salt-free diet

Aimed at normalizing metabolic processes. Completely excludes the use of salt. The effective version of the diet is quite strict - the menu is designed for a week and you can not change days or meals places or replace products with analogues.

The amount of food is large enough. During breaks, you can drink as much water as you want.

2. Mono-diet

Based on the use of a single product. There are also options when drinking different juices or eating smoothies.

It is not recommended to resort to this diet too often, only in extreme cases. This approach allows you to lose 5 kg a week, sometimes more.

3. Protein diet

It is especially popular as it allows you to get drunk quickly and not experience painful hunger. Suitable for those who, in parallel with the diet, are actively involved in sports.

Meat or fish, low-fat dairy products, grains and some fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily.

4. Simple diet

Vegetable and fruit dishes will be the basis of the diet. All flour products, meat, potatoes and bananas are prohibited.

Fresh produce is preferred, but cooked or baked vegetables are also possible.

5. Low calorie diet

To lose weight fast, you need to roughly halve your daily calories. So for men 1500 kcal becomes the norm, and for young women - 1200 kcal. Subject to daily physical activity, the calorie content may be increased by an additional 200 kcal / day.

6. Pumpkin Diet

Pumpkin has a pleasant sweet taste and is at the same time very low in calories. Therefore, it is very acceptable to use this product as a basis for a weight loss diet. Such a diet will help you lose up to 5 kg of weight in a week.

In this case, you can use raw pumpkin and juice as well as various dishes - cereals, soups, puddings, salads. In parallel, you can use a small amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products.

7. Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is one of the healthiest. It contains many beneficial nutrients and B vitamins.

It actively releases the body and helps get rid of digestive problems. Despite the sufficient calorie content of this product, you can lose up to 7 kg in 7-10 days.

8. lazy diet

Helps people who do not have the willpower for severe food restrictions to lose weight. For breakfast you can eat everything here, but in moderation. This will be the main meal in the future.

Be sure to eat your first hot course for lunch. It is not advisable to use high fat broth and other high calorie. And the dinner should be as light as possible. Ideally, it should consist of raw plant foods or fat-free dairy products.