5 diet, of which efficiency is confirmed by scientists


We have researched dozens of serious scientific studies and collected a diet, what exactly can help you lose weight. You only need to choose one of the diet, which does not force you to endure and this part of your life.

1. The Atkins Diet

This popular low-carb diet was developed in the 1960s. year, cardiologist Robert Atkins (Robert C. Atkins). Diet consists of several phases and the aim is to change food habits healthier.

The essence of nutrition

The atkins diet does not include calorie counting or control servings. The only thing that should be considered — programs clean carbs minus the fiber.

The diet is divided into four stages:

  1. The first phase is the most strict, it lasts at least two weeks and allows you to lose 3-4 kg, at This time, cut the amount of carbohydrates to 20 g per day, with 12-15 g of them you can get from vegetables. Consume a lot of protein meat, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, in doing so, completely ruled out fruits, sweet pastries, pasta, cereals, nuts. Must give up alcohol and drink eight glasses of water a day.
  2. You continue to consume 12 to 15 g of carbohydrates vegetables and avoid sugar, but gradually return to some of the rich of beneficial substances ingredients: nuts, seeds and berries. You lose weight and continue to the next stage, only if before its target remains to be about 4.5 kg
  3. The Atkins Diet
  4. You gradually enter the menu previously forbidden food: fruit, starchy vegetables, whole grains products. You can add 10 g of carbohydrates. But if you start again to gain weight, it is necessary to get back to normal, than 20 year in this phase you stay in until you reach your ideal weight.
  5. Allowed are all products, but you keep adhere to the principles of dieting. If you start gaining weight, you can get the previous stage.

What says science

2007. year at Stanford university have studied the efficacy of four popular diets: Atkins, Ornish, "Zone") and LEARN (to follow a low-fat diet). 12 months dieters Atkins lost 4,7 kg, diet LEARN — 2,6 kg, diet Ornish — 2,2 kg and the diet "Zone" — 1.6 kg

Generally, many studies confirm the benefit and effectiveness of low-carb dieting. For example, a recent scientific review of six studies have shown that a diet that is low glycemic index or low glycemic load allow to burn on average a pound more than the rest, positively affected body mass, amount of fat and cholesterol.

Yet one study has shown that a diet that is high in protein and low glycemic index foods help maintain weight.

Possible damage to the

Article in research center says that the diet has a steep quantity of carbs may have the following side effects:

  1. Headache.
  2. Vertigo.
  3. Weakness.
  4. Constipation.

The atkins diet is not recommended for people with diseases of the kidneys, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as people with high physical load.

There is an opinion that does not charge to sit in the low-carb diet constantly, as this can cause health problems. But scientists have yet to prove. So until it is best to consult with a therapist.

2. Paleodieet


2013. in paleodieet has become one of the most popular in the world, although the difference between nutritionists so far, not a single position, is useful in this mode is the power supply or not.

The essence of nutrition

Paleodieet based products, which foods our distant ancestors even before the submission of the minister of agriculture.

Supporters of the diet claim that despite the fact that thousands of years have passed since that time, the human body is by far the best meal of hunters and gatherers.

The menu contains meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit, nuts (excluding peanuts) and seeds. Ideally, meat must be from animals that have been grown under natural conditions, without the use of special feed. It also fits well with the venison.

The diet is totally out the sugar, starchy vegetables, milk and cereal products, oils (except olive oil cold pressed oils of hazelnut and avocado), beans, tea, coffee, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, fruit juices.

What says science

In 2007, researchers compared the effects of paleo and mediterranean diet without, prejudice to the calories.

After 12 weeks people paleodieet you to lose weight by an average of 5 kg (is the mediterranean — 3.8 kg) and has lost 5.6 cm waist (of the second group and 2.9 cm). On average, people are paleography consumed per day 451 kcal lower than in the control group, with a without any restrictions. In addition, they normalized the blood sugar level.

The benefits of the shapes confirmed and study 2009. Within three months, one group has been paleodieet, the other a normal diet for diabetics. Finally, the first dropped 3 kg more than the last.

Also do not know the long-term study 2014. Persons divided into two groups: two years alone adhere to the paleodieet, the other a high carbohydrate diet, which is low a lot of fat. The group paleodieet lost more fat, especially abdominal, 6, 12 and 18 months.

Possible damage to the

Nutritionists mentioned a lot of possible threats paleodieet, among which are:

  1. Calcium deficiency due to lack of dairy products.
  2. Deterioration, renal status due to the consumption of a large number of protein and saturated fats.
  3. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease course, because consumption is a large quantity of meat.

However, despite the possible negative effects of the diet, not studies, which demonstrate a clear harm to the health.

3. Vegan diet

Vegan diet

The term "vegan" was released in 1944. year, thanks to a group of vegetarians, formed a Society of vegans. They have decided to stop animal exploitation in any form and give up not only meat, but also eggs and dairy products.

The essence of nutrition

A Vegan diet does not include meat and poultry, fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products, as well as foods that may contain parts of animal origin: gelatin, casein, 2-hydroxypropanoyl acid.

Herbal products are consumed without any restrictions. Vegans eat beans, cheese, tofu, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits, drink coconut and almond milk.

What says science

Randomized study of 2013 showed that the vegan diet that is low in fat allows to significantly reduce the weight.

After 18 weeks studies who vegan to loose an average of 4.3 kg, and the people in the test group — 0.1 kg, it is Also the first to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Similar to the results of the researchers received in 2005. year. After 14 weeks the people, refused from animal products, the fall was of 5.8 kg, and for the people, replacing saturated fats carbohydrate (diet NCEP), and 3.8 kg, Also vegans will have lost more centimetres at the waist.

Two years of study, ending in 2007. the year also confirmed the effectiveness of vegan diet for weight loss. 64 women who have a predominance of stick or vegan diet or the diet of the NCEP. As a result, year vegans overthrow of 4.9 kg and the contracting states on a diet NCEP — 1.8 kg On the results of the two years in the weight loss section in vegans was 3.1 kg and the group in the NCEP — 0,8 kg

And here is the year 2015, the researchers compared the effectiveness of vegan, vegetarian, pescetarians (can be fish and seafood), semivegetarians (not only red meat) and non-vegetarian diet for weight loss. The result of six months vegans lost an average of 7.5% of body weight — more than all the others.

Possible damage to the

The main danger of a vegan diet — lack of vitamin B12, which is necessary for human health and products of animal origin manufactured.

B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, chronic fatigue, depression. In addition, the study by 2015. year showed that this vitamin deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the course of either vegetarians. Therefore, if the vegan diet is recommended to take supplements with B12.

As for the protein, it is quite possible to get the products.

4. The mediterranean diet is the limited calories

The mediterranean diet

In contrast to the fast diets such as the grapefruit, the mediterranean cannot boast of quick results. But this which you more effective in the long term and helps to maintain not only weight, but health. In addition to follow this diet easier and more enjoyable, which also affects its effectiveness.

The essence of nutrition

Here are the main principles of the mediterranean diet:

  1. The basis ration of fruits and vegetables, whole grains foods, legumes, nuts, cheese and yogurt. These products can be eaten every day.
  2. Butter is replaced by olive oil and canola oil.
  3. Red meat, eggs and sweets should be eaten as little as possible and can be pretty out of the diet.
  4. The fish and the bird need to eat at least twice a week.
  5. Day need to drink six glasses of water. Sometimes you can drink red wine.
  6. Need to add a little physical exercises.

What says science

Most of the studies, the mediterranean diet is linked to her good heart health. For example, dr. Ramon Estruch (Ramón Estruch) has been paying its five-year exploration 7 447 people and proved that stroke and heart disease in humans is the mediterranean diet reduced by 28-30% compared to people with diets low in fat content.

And although the mediterranean diet is most commonly used to prevent cardiovascular diseases progress, it is an effective and weight loss, especially in the long term. This is confirmed by several studies.

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies have shown that the mediterranean diet may be a useful tool to reduce weight, especially when cut back calorie intake.

5. Diet Ornish

Diet Ornish

This is a diet that is low in fat, invented for Dean Than Ornish (Dean Ornish), professor of medicine, university of California. It aims to improve heart health, get rid of excess weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

The essence of nutrition

The main rule of the diet Ornish — fat should be no more than 10% of the total norm of calories. It is recommended to leave meat and fish, butter and margarine, olives, avocados, sunflower seeds, walnuts, fatty, dairy, sweet, alcohol.

Food may be present low-fat dairy products, egg whites, low-fat cookies. Without restrictions, you can consume legumes, fruits, cereals, vegetables.

Apart from diet, Ornish recommends that you do physical exercises (at least 30 minutes five days a week or 60 minutes three days a week), to cope with stress through yoga and meditation and spend time with loved ones.

What says science

Study Ornish published in the international medical scientific journal in 1998, showed that people keep their diets, year you to lose weight by 10 kg and a period of five years, has been supported weight 5 kg which differs from the original.

Are mentioned in the study of Stanford university people, sitting on a diet Ornish, a year you to lose weight by an average of 2.2 kg, But dr. Michael Dansinger (Michael L. Dansinger) 2005. the year I got other results. Year examinees on a diet Ornish lost 3,3–7,3 kg, and those who sit in the diet atkins museum of art 2,1–4,8 kg

Possible damage to the

So as a vegan diet, people are on a diet Ornish may suffer from lack of protein and vitamin B12. It is therefore worth to take this vitamin additives and often add a diet of legumes, rich in vegetable protein.

What this means

As you can see, all the diets are very different. The atkins diet restricts carbohydrates, Ornish fats. Paleodieet the focus is on the meat, and the vegan meat is completely excluded. Although scientific studies prove the benefit and the efficacy of all these diets. And this is just wonderful!

Choose food that does not force you to give up favourite products. Can't live without meat, choose paleo diet or atkins museum of art. Adore pasta, become a vegan or adhere to a mediterranean eating disorders. If easy to do without fatty foods, diet Ornish helps you lose weight.