The protein diet for weight loss and a sample menu for a week

the essence of the protein diet for weight loss

A protein diet is not only the perfect way to lose fat, but it is also a great way to gain muscle mass. The main problem in our society is the eternal battle with obesity, so we will focus on the fat burning abilities of the protein diet.

According to statistics, 90% of people call a protein diet a complete rejection of simple and complex carbohydrates with the maximum consumption of protein foods of animal origin. In fact, this is a completely wrong conclusion because long-term rejection of carbohydrate foods causes many unpleasant moments. The most common are complications of the gastrointestinal tract and impaired renal function. In order not to dispel unnecessary myths, it is necessary to use a protein diet properly for weight loss.

Pierre Dukan is considered the founder of the protein diet, but the benefits of protein foods were known even in earlier periods. Well-known nutritionists and researchers of the last century have repeatedly mentioned the benefits of proper nutrition distribution. The Robert Atkins diet also has many similarities to the protein diet. Therefore, we can conclude that this is the merit of all nutritionists and researchers who have dedicated their lives to studying proper nutrition for humans.

Key Features of a Protein Slide

Forget the name of this method of losing weight, because no one will forbid you to consume carbohydrates. Do not go to conclusions based on the name of the diet. To ensure a positive energy balance and normal function of all internal organs, complex carbohydrates should be found in any fat burning complex and a protein diet is no exception. The body constantly needs a complete range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. What many call a protein-based way to lose weight can rather be attributed to a carbohydrate-free diet, the essence of which is to switch between protein and carbohydrate days.

Relax because fats and carbohydrates become an integral part of losing weight, but they are ingested at certain times when the body needs it most. You certainly will not have to starve by using the protein method to lose weight because you will have an unlimited number of meals a day. The more basic meals and snacks, the faster your metabolism becomes, and the speed of biochemical processes depends on whether the body will transport calories to subcutaneous fat or not.

Your protein menu needs to be planned well in advance. It is ideal to prepare all the necessary food early in the morning and distribute it evenly in the bowls. Now every other hour, no matter where you are, at home, at work or on public transportation, you can eat pre-cooked food. Receptions can be from 4 to 10, there is no clear recommendation, everything is very individual.

When are carbohydrates and when are proteins?

what you can eat on a protein diet

All carbohydrates should be consumed in the first half of the day, preferably before noon. 13. 00. In the morning, all glycogen stores are completely depleted (extra energy that the body accumulates in muscle tissue and the human liver), and therefore a carbohydrate intake is necessary here, even for a person who wants to get rid of subcutaneous fat. All calories received will go to the body's energy needs.

For the same reason, it is considered ideal to do morning runs that burn pure subcutaneous fat, but otherwise if glycogen storage is empty. This forces the body to use alternative energy supplies.

What should the amount of carbohydrates be?

The amount of complex carbohydrates must be determined individually. Some may lose weight by eating 200 grams of rice a day, others will gain weight by consuming that amount of carbohydrates. The most important thing is not to overdo it and gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

For example, you ate 2500 calories a day, you do not need to cut your food intake to 1500 the next day. This will be considered by the body as a threat to existence and the body will start taking measures to slow down the burning of subcutaneous fat as much as possible. First, the metabolism will drop sharply, and second, even a small amount of calories delivered will turn into subcutaneous fat. If your goal is a long-term marathon, do a carb load once a week and increase your complex carbohydrates significantly.

Recommended Carbohydrates:

  • rice, buckwheat, common wheat pasta; various grain products; oatmeal
  • Use citrus fruits from fruits;
  • Eat tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage in unlimited quantities from vegetables.

How to eat protein?

the use of protein products for weight loss

With protein foods it is much easier, after kl. At 13. 00 you eat in regular portions without gorging protein foods, of course low in fat. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten in unlimited amounts in the early stages of the diet, so it is necessary to exclude fruits that contain simple carbohydrates, these are bananas, apples, grapes and everything that is included in this product category.

Among animal proteins, prioritize the following products:

  • lean meat, beef, chicken breast, rabbit, poultry and veal;
  • Dairy products with a fat content not exceeding 5%
  • eggs, shellfish and sea fish, which provide your body with not only premium protein but also healthy omega fats.

Who is the protein diet for?

  1. First and foremost, this category includes professional athletes and young people who lead an active lifestyle. The value of a protein diet for the above people lies in the ability to burn subcutaneous fat without much loss of muscle mass. If you want to maximize muscle gain, it is also possible with a protein meal without obvious fat gain.
  2. It is not recommended to get rid of excess body fat using a protein menu for the elderly. For full digestion and assimilation of protein foods, excellent health and 100% work of all internal organs is required. When a person is over 50 years old, his body is naturally not as productive as in his younger years. Therefore, an elderly person will not be able to tolerate a diet with proteins without consequences for their health. Complications of the following types may occur: appearance of blood clots, increased blood clots and problems with the digestive system. It is not worth experimenting, it is better to use more suitable methods for people in this age category.
  3. which is suitable for a protein diet for weight loss
  4. Men are more likely to have a protein diet than women due to the fact that they like to eat more meat. It is harder for the beautiful half of humanity to find themselves from sweets and set out to eat protein of animal origin. In principle, the protein menu can be changed and other protein products can be used instead of meat: fish, eggs, dairy products, seafood.
  5. Pregnant women can use a protein diet for weight loss with great efficiency without harming their baby and their health. Eating this way helps normalize weight and prevent daily gain and excess water retention.
  6. If you are in good health and want to lose weight, a protein diet will of course work for you. This method is not as harsh and difficult to tolerate as some monodietes, so by sticking to the protein menu you will not experience mental and physical discomfort.

Principles of the protein diet

The correct distribution of nutrients throughout the day makes it possible to control the secretion of the hormone insulin, which manifests itself only if a person has too many sweets or complex carbohydrates. Blood glucose rises dramatically and insulin transports excess energy to subcutaneous fat.

Carbohydrates in the morning are essential fuel to give the body energy throughout the day. Protein foods and fiber require the body to use significantly more calories for assimilation and digestion of food than these foods originally contain, making it impossible to gain weight from them. A protein menu, on the other hand, stimulates metabolism, which is why bodybuilders eat whey protein before bedtime.

Benefits of a Protein Diet

  1. Complete burning of subcutaneous fat and maximum retention of muscle mass. Which is important even for the female gender.
  2. Accelerates metabolism, allowing for a long time after the cancellation of the diet not to go overweight. If you live a healthy lifestyle after the abolition of protein foods, you can forget about fat forever.
  3. There is no mental or physical pressure because your diet consists of a wide variety of tasty and healthy foods.
  4. Ability to stick to a protein diet for a long time.
  5. The body receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The damage of a protein die

If you follow the classic protein diet and consume only protein and do not use the previously described carbohydrate scheme, this can have some negative consequences.

  • First, prolonged intake of protein can cause leaching of calcium from the body and microelements, and this will severely undermine the health of your skeletal system.
  • Second, a clean protein menu adversely affects the performance of the kidneys and digestive system. Therefore, people who have diseases of the above organs should not adhere to a protein diet.
  • Third, if you are over 60, forget about the protein regime, use a mixed diet to actively burn subcutaneous fat. Talk to your doctor and dietitian before using a protein-based weight loss method.

How long does it take to stick to a protein diet to achieve results?

There is no single answer to this question, it all depends on many factors. The most important are: age, sex, presence of diseases, percentage of body fat, genetic predisposition to weight gain. For example, if you are 40 years old and you have just decided to get rid of the accumulated pounds over the years, it will be difficult to convince your body to start using the emergency supply.

The most important thing is not to be too proactive and not speed up the process of losing weight. Usually loss is from 0, 5 to 2 kg per week, there is no need to accelerate. The protein diet described in our article can be used until the desired result occurs, it contains carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, therefore health damage is excluded.

Try a Diet Menu for a Week

First day

  1. 200 gr. Pour oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey
  2. Eat any fast-carb fruit like a banana
  3. 200 gr. cooked chicken breasts + large portion of vegetable salad
  4. 150 cottage cheese with a maximum fat content of 5% and two oranges
  5. Half a liter of kefir with a fat content not exceeding 2, 5%

Second day

  1. 200 gr buckwheat porridge with vegetables
  2. Eat two large apples
  3. 200 gr. boiled beef + vegetable salad
  4. 200 gr. sea fish + a grapefruit
  5. 300 gr. curd

Third day

  1. 200 gr. cooked rice with vegetables
  2. 50 walnuts + a tablespoon of honey
  3. 200 gr. cooked veal + vegetable salad
  4. 300 g yogurt with a fat content not exceeding 2, 5%

Fourth day

  1. 200 gr. Mix coarse wheat pasta with 50 gr. cottage cheese
  2. An apple and a banana
  3. 200 gr. boiled beef + vegetable salad
  4. 200 gr. seafood
  5. 300 g milk

Fifth day

  1. 200 g pea porridge + 100 g boiled fish
  2. Two tablespoons of honey
  3. Large salad with olive oil
  4. 200 gr. chicken fillet + three cucumbers
  5. Three boiled eggs

Sixth day

  1. 200 gr. cooked beans with vegetables
  2. 200 gr fruit salad + a tablespoon of honey
  3. 200 gr. cooked veal with vegetables
  4. 150 low fat gost
  5. 0, 5 liters of kefir

Seventh day

  1. 200 gr. boiled potatoes + vegetable salad
  2. 200 gr. any fruit
  3. 200 gr. boiled beef + citrus fruits
  4. 150 ghytte cheese
  5. 400 gostemasse

The amount of carbohydrates consumed is individual, start your breakfast meals with the usual carbohydrate intake and gradually remove calories until you see that the process of fat burning has started.

Eat fiber between meals to help your digestive system absorb protein. Water should be drunk according to the body's individual requirements. If the urine color is dark, do not drink enough water.

The menu displayed is not an axiom, you can combine the reception of different products.

Use the above protein nutrition method if you want to make a body worthy of your spirit. And remember that only a healthy lifestyle and active exercise prevents unwanted diseases and obesity.