How to lose 10 kg a week on a water diet?

ways to lose weight in a week

A 7-day water diet is harmonious for a person because the main body consists of water. The effectiveness of the method of losing weight is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins, which causes the internal organs to function properly.

As a result of improved digestive processes, you can easily and effortlessly lose at least 3-7 kg in weight in 7 days.

Among nutritionists, this diet is considered lazy but very effective - in a week the number will return to normal and health will improve.

Water diet for 7 days or how to lose 10 kg per week

Leading nutritionists have come to the unique conclusion that being overweight accumulates as a result of lack of clean water in the body. In fact, with dehydration, natural processes are disrupted, the cycle of cleansing the body of harmful impurities is aggravated. Improper functioning of the kidneys and liver plus a passive lifestyle leads to the accumulation of excess body fat in human tissues. As a result, a person suffers not only from obesity but also from diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis and so on. This is especially noticeable in the elderly, in whom the feeling of thirst is dulled.

To determine how much clean water each person should drink per day, there is a specific calculation formula:

  • for each kilogram of weight at least 30 ml of water per day is required, ie. a person weighing 50 kg must drink at least 1, 5 liters and a person weighing 100 kg - 3 liters.

If a person is not used to drinking water at all or in very small amounts, prepare properly for a water diet for 7 days without overloading the kidney system. For the water method of nutrition to give effective results, it is necessary to adjust the diet in advance.

Exclude the following products:

  • fat meat, fish;
  • flour products, in particular yeast;
  • cakes, pastries, chocolates;
  • sweet soda.

Since a 7-day water diet with clean water helps to cleanse the body and lose weight, it is therefore not necessary to overload it with excess fatty acids and calories, so the menu must be properly balanced.

In addition to the positive factors of the universal water method of getting rid of extra pounds, there are also contraindications:

  • persistent hypertension
  • renal and urinary bladder pathology;
  • heart problems.

Weekly Dietary Guidelines

water diet for weight loss for a week

How to lose 10 kg in 7 days? For a water diet to help you shed extra pounds in just 7 days, you need to know for sure: drink water before or after meals?

This question worries not only those who lose weight, but also the world's nutritionists and endocrinologists. After many studies, it was found that you need to drink clean water on an empty stomach and before a meal, but not immediately after a meal, as the principle of fast food digestion has been violated. You can drink an hour after a meal.

Since childhood, many people are not used to drinking clean water and replacing it with tea, coffee, compote or other liquid. And up to 30 years, the body handles this deficiency alone, but after this age, the saddest thing begins - metabolism slows down, tissue dries out, dryness appears, stones form and cholesterol rises, and most importantly, a person does not feel the need for clean water. To make the decision to switch to a 7-day water diet, gradually drink at least one glass in the morning and after lunch a week before it starts.

The essence of the 7-day water diet is simple rules:

  • drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water on an empty stomach in a warm state;
  • drink a glass before each meal for 20-30 minutes;
  • Limit the consumption of fatty, sweet, starchy foods these days and reduce their amount in the future.

With a properly balanced menu, it's really good to lose weight without exhausting diets. From the first days of the water diet method, you need to get used to a different schedule of going to the toilet as the urinary tract begins to work actively. In addition, keep in mind that an excessive amount of water removes not only harmful substances but also useful ones, therefore an extra intake of vitamins and trace elements is simply necessary during this period.

Daily menu

diet rules to lose weight per week

7-day sample menu for a water diet:

Monday, Thursday

  • breakfast - oatmeal in water or low-fat milk, green tea;
  • lunch - low-fat soup (courgette, broccoli, onions, carrots), boiled chicken breast, apple juice;
  • dinner - eggs, cottage cheese, kefir.

Tuesday, Friday

  • boiled vegetables (Brussels sprouts, celery, courgette and eggplant with onion dressing), a piece of yeast-free bread, green tea;
  • borsch, freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • boiled pollock fish, salad (carrot, cauliflower and apple), compote.

Wednesday, Saturday

  • buckwheat porridge with raisins, green tea;
  • vegetable stew (no potatoes), juices, steamed chicken chops;
  • cottage cheese, tea with lemon.


  • curd stew, raisins, green tea;
  • buckwheat soup, a piece of black bread, juice;
  • sea bass with grilled vegetables (courgette, eggplant, pepper), kefir.

With a 7-day water diet, it is necessary to focus on buckwheat porridge, beets in any form, lemons, apples and juices, as they also contribute to a mild release of extra pounds in weight. With a competent approach, a water diet in combination with a properly composed menu helps not only to lose weight, but also to improve skin color and general skin condition by saturating each cell.

Numerous reviews that have tried the water method to lose weight indicate different results. For some in 7 days this figure is only minus one kilogram, for others - minus 5-7 kg weight. It all depends on the individuality of the organism, slag and at the same time diseases, especially the urinary system. In any case, it is worth trying the universal water diet for 7 days, which will not harm, but will only have a positive effect on the work of the internal organs.